Flanagan’s Furnace & Duct Cleaning Service

Flanagan’s Furnace & Duct Cleaning Service provides Calgary and its surrounding areas with professional and affordable ventilation cleaning.

When you are searching for a duct and furnace cleaning company that pays attention to even the smallest of details, contact us at Flanagan’s Furnace & Duct Cleaning.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality
For over a decade Flanagan’s Furnace & Duct Cleaning has been working in a wide variety of properties, including apartments, homes and commercial offices. Our comprehensive sanitization and cleaning services can have your furnace and air ducts free of dust and other irritants that can contaminate the air.

Climate Control
When you are looking to improve the comfort of your home, try a new thermostat or humidifier. At Flanagan’s Furnace & Duct Cleaning, we offer easy to use climate control products at competitive prices.

How often do I need my furnace and duct work cleaned?
Annual cleanings and inspections are ideal in order to make sure that your systems are functioning properly.

How do I know if I need my furnace cleaned?
If you can remove the return air vent to your furnace and look inside, any dust buildup means that it is time for a proper furnace cleaning.

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